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Anna Marie Prassa's WellQuest
Complete Wellness Approach
addresses the total wellness of a company through a complete integration of the company's employees, supervisors, management teams and leaders. Corporate wellness is more than just employee physical health; it is the total wellness, of the entire company: respect, hardiness, cooperation, fluid communication, flexibility, environment, vision, team work, loyalty, honesty and emotional and physical health.

WellQuest® understands that within each company lies its own culture.  That is why WellQuest® offers customized seminar training content and material that will suit the needs and directions of the individual company and each employee. Through effective education, employees will become enlightened and empowered with the tools needed to improve their business skills and their health, and maintain a proactive lifestyle at work and home.

Research shows that forward-thinking employers
who invest in employee education programs

will receive $3 on every $1 invested.

All of the seminars WellQuest® offers are designed to stimulate workplace passion, enhance healthy outcomes, create a renewed sense of physical and mental well-being, sharpen mental skills, reduce stress, and transform attitudes and understanding.

will captivate your employees, showing them how to effectively communicate and seize their instinctive leadership potential. Your employees will gain the knowledge of how to choose a healthy and pro-active business life.  The information obtained from WellQuest Seminars® will lead to lower health care costs, increased morale, improved productivity, and a better bottom line.

offers many different seminars aimed at the complete integration of physical and cognitive principles that reduce unnecessary employee costs, as well as ensuring company growth through positive employee habits.  Each seminar series promotes a clearly-defined program topic.


The Fusion of Corporate Partnership

A program offering the current cutting-edge trends of corporate employee education.  It will create more self-directed leaders, resulting in reduced personal conflicts, miscommunication, and mismanagement, while fostering a culture of positive attitudes, respect, manners, and concern for the job and fellow employees. Each seminar reveals the secrets to being a corporate leader through the use of
inner passion, empowerment, communication, and fostering excellence.


A program offering a series of seminars based on strengthening physical and cognitive health and wellness of all employees.  Each seminar focuses on creating a healthier and more goal-oriented workforce through forward-thinking, motivational techniques, tension management techniques, and relaxation techniques.

The Equilibrium of Employees

A program offering a number of different seminars based on a wide variety of individual lecture topics. These seminars look at all aspects needed to live a healthier, happier, and productive lifestyle.

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